See our map below for service areas. We service all of Lincoln County.

We are a Medicaid provider. Medicaid will cover costs for medical trips only. Call us to see if you are Medicaid Travel covered.















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The video below demonstrates how handicap lifts work. Our busses are equipped with these. 

LCTS Coordination Plan:
A. Organization
1. The Lincoln County Transportation Service, Inc. herein referred to as
LCTS, Inc. is Located at 206 E 2nd Street, Libby, MT 59923. Ona Steward
is the Transit Coordinator.
2. The LCTS, Inc. is the result of a consolidation of transportation resources
in Lincoln County. LCTS, Inc. operates under their own 501 (c) 3. A copy of
their tax identification document establishing non-profit status is attached.
3. The current membership of the LCTS, Inc. Board of Directors as of 2/17/24
Mary K. Huntsberger-President
Ron Garcia-Vice President
Kerry Morris-Secretary
Gene Rowland-Member
Sue Dotson-Member
The LCTS, Inc. Board must always have equitable representation from all
members of the coalition that supports the LCTS, Inc.
4. The current staff is led by Ona Steward, Coordinator. The positions of
Administration Assistant, Head Driver, and Driver change as workload
5. The organization chart for the LCTS, Inc, is attached.
B. System Description
1. Types of Service:
The LCTS, Inc. provides a demand/response service to all clients of Lincoln
County, Montana. We request a 24 hour notice. The LCTS, Inc. has established a
toll-free telephone service throughout the county. Medical emergencies are,
however, excluded from the 24-hour notice requirement. Other travelers without
prior reservations will be accommodated if space is available.
If required, we provide door to door service. We do not have the equipment to
leave paved roads and will establish the best and closest meeting place on
2. Service Area:
The LCTS, Inc. currently provides transportation both within and between
Lincoln County communities at a nominal charge. Service is also provided to
surrounding counties and to the Flathead area. Our goal is to be able to expand
service to include other medical facilities, such as Logan Health in Kalispell, that
community members need to access.
3. Population of Lincoln County, Montana:
From the 2023 census the population of Lincoln County was approximately
21,895 occupying 3575 square miles. Population density is about 5.4 people per
square. The population in 2020 was about 95.9white with a median income of
$26,754.00. Citizens 65 and over was about 15.2%. That statistic is projected to
rise steadily by 0.07% in the year 2030.
4. Connectivity:
We connect passengers with other transport agencies when possible such
as the Bus service in Kalispell that travels to Missoula. We also connect with the
Kalispell area and surrounding areas with travel services such as Mountain
climber in Kalispell. Eureka has an airport shuttle that we have connected
passengers to also. We occasionally coordinate with Libby Care Center of
Cascadia, Home away from home assisted living, Green Meadow Manor, The
local hospital as well as Whitefish hospital, and Kalispell hospital. One of our
consistent travels is Dialysis here in Libby and in Kalispell as that is a few times a
week. We communicate with all these agencies to determine needs and travel
solutions. Most of the agencies participate in our coordination plan unless they
have other travel means or are no longer in business such as our local cab
company which is currently not running.
C. Level and Use of Service
1. Ridership
Ridership numbers vary widely. Actual ridership numbers may be obtained
from our quarterly reports to the Montana Department of Transportation and are
available for any specific period upon request.
2. Passenger Type:
The overwhelming percentage of our passengers are over 65,
disadvantaged, or disabled. Many are wheelchair bound or require
caregivers, and use mobility assisted devices. We provide means for them
to get to medical appts, essential shopping such as pharmacies, groceries,
and other necessities. As these numbers change often, actual percentages
can be provided for any specific reason upon request.
3. Minority Populations Served:
The population of Lincoln County is 95.9% Caucasian. The balance of the
population is mixed with the largest being Native American followed by Hispanic,
Asian, African American.
The LCTS, Inc. does not discriminate against anyone based on gender,
sex, sexual orientation, age, race, or religion.
4. Trip Purposes:
Approximately 60-90% of all trips are for medical purposes with essential
shopping at 20%. The balances of the trips were for nutrition, education,
and employment. Social and recreational are also included. We acquire
information for needs assessment in our area through churches, hospitals,
local clinics, and individuals who call with questions or who come into our
office for information.
5. Days/Hours of service:
The LCTS, Inc. operates from 8:00 a.m to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Drivers sometimes must begin work at 6:45 or 7:00 a.m. depending on medical
appointment times in the Kalispell area. Our voicemail is available at all times.
Calls are returned as soon as possible in the morning to confirm rides or answer
questions. If a call comes in the night before on the voicemail, we will return the
call and try to accommodate the caller to the best of our ability.
6. Marketing:
The LCTS, Inc. utilizes our local newspapers in Lincoln County with
advertisements. We also advertise with the local television station as well as with
flyers on bulletin boards. One of our regular events we participate in is the Local
Health Fair. This really helps promote our services. We are always working
closely with all medical and dental facilities in both Lincoln and Flathead
counties. Most of these providers have been willing to schedule appointments
around our ability to transport their patients. In addition, we meet regularly with
other service providers and agencies supporting the medical and social
establishment; Adult Protective Services, assisted living, nursing homes,
churches, counselors, and probation (sheriff’s office) for check ins. We have put
our company name and number on business cards that get distributed
throughout the community.
7. Annual Miles of service:
Approximately 110,000 to 180,000 miles are driven annually, although this
mileage varies every quarter.
We have four 10 passenger buses with Wheelchair lifts and 4 wheelchair
stations on each bus. We have one braun dodge van with a wheelchair ramp as
well as regular seats, and two vans with no wheelchair stations.
8. By working with other agencies and other places that have transportation
needs we are trying to expand our services to help meet those needs.
Some of those agencies have their own transportation at times but still
utilize us if needed such as The Care Center and Assisted Living.
We do not have any other transportation providers in Libby, Our cab is out of
business at this time. The Care Center and assisted living have their own private
9. Public Involvement:
Agencies and Riders are encouraged to attend our TAC meetings and or
come into our office with questions. Meetings are announced verbally or posted
via email to agencies.